Terrorsit attacks

AS I write these words news is rushing in of the explosions across London.

I had just finished my usual piece for the Echo, in my office in the House of Commons, when I heard the news on TV.

Now public transport has been suspended, and I am sitting in my Parliamentary office as the sirens wail and casualties mount in the streets outside.

As Government Whips we recently had a briefing on security from very senior officials.
They warned that in trying to prevent this kind of terrorism you would stop a lot of attempts, but sooner or later someone will succeed.

The only real defence is intelligence, and clearly in this case the plot has succeeded to elude the security services.

Over the last four years as an MP, I have watched security around the House of Commons get tighter and tighter, even with the well publicised breaches by protesters.

But you can’t protect every bus, train and building in a city like London, and terrorists are ruthlessly willing to target innocent civilians.

Coming the day after the happy announcement about the Olympics this incident is a cruel reminder of the realities of today’s world.
This pointless act of extreme violence cannot be allowed to undermine democracy. Parliament will continue with its usual business today, emphasising that the Government will not bow to pressure from terrorism.