New Year predictions

EACH year I make some irreverent predictions for the New Year.

It never fails to amaze me how few of them actually come true.

I did however correctly prophesy two years ago that Charlotte Church would metamorphosise from squeaky clean choirgirl to raunchy rock star.

She did not however, as I suggested, call her first album of this new era ‘Vice of an Angel.’

So here goes for 2006!

Charles Kennedy will resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats after admitting he took muesli at University.

Describing it as a ‘youthful indiscretion’ his claims of having kicked the muesli habit years ago are dismissed when a tabloid newspaper prints shocking photos of him indulging in a bowl of Alpen with his wife.

David Cameron is chosen to succeed him as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church tie the knot, but still fail in their attempt to strangle Sue Barker with a rope for her crass comments about them at the Sports Personality awards.

A Dr Who episode filmed in Cardiff features the first ever Welsh speaking dalek.

Tony Blair announces that when he leaves politics he will go back to his first love, rock and roll, by reforming his old band The Ugly Rumours to play at the Millennium Stadium.

Only 42 tickets are bought (although not as rumoured all by the Chancellor) and the PM decides to stay on.

Wales win the Grand Slam again, but are controversially stripped of the title when all the players’ urine samples are found to contain significant traces of Brains SA.

Rhodri Morgan wins the Plain English Society award as Best Communicator for his very succinct two word response to calls by opposition AMs for him to resign.

Cardiff City and the Cardiff Blues achieve a unique double in the FA and Heineken Cups.

The Blues beat Wasps 3-0 in the final courtesy of a Jonah Lomu drop goal.

The Bluebirds thrash Arsenal 5-0 at Highbury and go on to beat Liverpool, ManUtd, and Chelsea in the final.

This is moved to the Millennium Stadium, after the collapse of the giant arch puts back the opening of the new Wembley Stadium by 2 years.