Want 2 Work

WITH benefits reform high on the government’s agenda it is only right that we take note of our local successes.

The Want 2 Work programme has been in operation for a year now in Ely and has had contact with more than 400 customers to date, most of whom were in receipt of Incapacity Benefit.

What we have seen in the last year is a remarkable transformation and growth in the confidence of many adults as they are supported in making positive changes to their lives.

Since the launch of the programme 105 people have been helped into employment.

Through the outreach sites on Wilson Road and Grand Avenue and invitations to everyone who qualifies in the area, there has been a great response to the support package on offer.

The Opportunity Knocks event, held on 3rd February at the Western Leisure Centre, was an opportunity for people in the Ely area to come along and find out more information about what help they could receive in getting back into work.

They could meet with training organisations and learn about healthy living initiatives to help broaden people’s minds and inform them of the opportunities that are available.

All this shows that the government is right to look at reforming the benefits system.

If people cannot work then they should be supported as necessary, whilst at the same time ensuring that those who can work are fully supported with the training and advice they need to help them find work again.

Under Mrs Thatcher the government used incapacity benefit as a way of hiding high unemployment figures.

Now that we have a successful economy, there are real opportunities for people to get back into work with the right support.