Gross incompetence or political cynicism?

THE proposal from the Liberal Democrats to create a new landfill site on one of 2 greenfield sites in Cardiff West is either gross incompetence or political cynicism.

I have had numerous letters, met with a number of local people and attended a meeting with hundreds of residents who are angry and puzzled as to how these two options have emerged as the council’s favoured plans.

Why have they chosen to spend thousands on investigating options which did not even come top in their own report?

Surely it can’t be because one is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)?Or that it falls beneath a flight path of Cardiff International Airport? Or that using the land in question would destroy several businesses and make some families lose their homes?

I suspect that the council executive knows full well that these proposals are a non starter, but want to start a scare in order to soften the public up for their plans to build a waste incinerator in Cardiff.

We need to focus on the three ‘r’s - reducing, reusing and recycling - before we start considering measures like new landfill sites that have such a huge effect on the local environment, and to use what existing landfill there is more effectively, including stopping the practice of importing commercial waste from outside Cardiff.

In the meantime the Council should come clean on what its real plans are.