Pleased at local children's political interest

I RECENTLY sent out a letter to inform all the schools in Cardiff West about the National Youth Parliament Competition.

The competition helps bring to life the procedures of parliament, government and politics by offering young people the opportunity to set up and video their own parliamentary debate.

I was therefore delighted that the Bishop of Llandaff School took up the challenge and my offer to help any school that wanted to enter the competition.

I visited the school recently and was more than happy to give the pupils an insight into parliamentary procedure and help them form a mock debate.

It was very pleasing to see so many pupils of different ages, from year seven to year ten, wanting to participate.

All the pupils were taking part in their own free time, during their lunch break, and I think that is something which should be commended.

There are some people that say young people aren’t interested in politics but my experience from visiting local schools in Cardiff West is quite different.

I was recently interviewed by some young children from Millbank Primary School in Caerau and the pupils came up with some really good political questions with subjects ranging from the environment to voting on bills.

I regularly visit the schools in my constituency and I think it’s pleasing to see that several of them have a school council.

I’d like to wish the Bishop of Llandaff School the best of luck with their entry for the National Youth Parliament Competition and I will look forward to seeing the school’s final video tape entry.