Media Watch: Former Cardiff School hit by a large fire (Wales Online)

Fire investigators remain at the site of Glyn Derw High School in Ely on Friday morning as they assess what remains of the building.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the fire was started deliberately and that 50% of the school was affected by the fire.

South Wales Police are investigating the fire.

Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan visited the site on Friday morning. He said: "Obviously the first thing to say is to pay tribute to the fire and rescue service.

"Only a few weeks ago I sat down at the fire station for a good hour with the firefighters to talk about the service in the area.

"It must have been an incredibly tough night for them with the fire on City Road as well.

"This site is earmarked for a new school and the phoenix for the new school will rise from the flames.

"Regrettable though this incident is, at least there's a positive future for this site. Caerau and Ely will still be getting a brand new school as planned.

"The other thing is we are fortunate it wasn't a windy night and none of the houses nearby were affected."

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