Joining ALLFIE against UK Government plans for more selection in education

Kevin Brennan MP has joined ALLFIE's (Alliance For Inclusive Education) campaign against the UK Government's plans to increase the number of Grammar Schools.

Mr Brennan firmly believes that selective education does not encourage social mobility

"A schools system based on selection at 11 is not the way to raise standards or promote social mobility. Instead we should focus relentlessly on supporting schools to raise standards for all, regardless of their backgrounds. The most effective way to do this is through great teaching and leadership.

"Far from promoting social mobility, selective systems entrench social division. The difference in domestic average wages between the top 10% and bottom 10% of earners is much wider in selective areas that in non-selective.

"Furthermore, grammar schools are highly socially selective institutions overall. Of the 164 that remain, 161 have fewer than 10% of pupils eligible for free school meals. In 2010, 96,680 year 7 pupils received free school meals out of a total of 549,725. Of the 22,070 grammar school pupils, only 610 were receiving free school meals. It is undeniably the poorer children who are losing out, in part because in some areas almost everyone who passes the 11-plus has had private tuition."

You can find out more about ALLFIE here.