Cowboy parking firms in Wales is set to become law after MP's campaign

A bill, which has been sponsored by Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan, to clamp down on cowboy parking firms has received Royal Assent - the final rubber stamp required before it becomes law.

Mr Brennan joined cross-party forces with Sir Greg Knight MP and Pete Wishart MP (pictured with Kevin) after receiving a huge increase in the number of constituents contacting him after becoming victims of such firms in Cardiff.

The Bill will introduce a statutory code of practice which private parking firms will have to abide by or they could be heavily fined or even prevented from being able to access the DVLA database of driver’s details.

Speaking after the bill received Royal Assent, Mr Brennan said:

“I’ve seen a huge increase in people either coming to my surgeries or contacting my office after falling victims to cowboy parking firms in Cardiff.

“The tricks some of these companies have used include deliberately unclear signage, ticketing people whilst they are getting change or fining people even though they were unable to park because the car park was full.

“The anxiety and stress of receiving one of these penalty notices is often exasperated by the contempt these companies show towards the public when they completely ignore any appeals.
“In some cases I have written to complain to companies who have then failed to reply. That is completely unacceptable.

“Until now the law was powerless to prevent these disgraceful practices but this bill will now establish a code of practice and an independent panel which will be able to issue tough fines or even ban companies from accessing the DVLA database.

“I would say to private parking firms operating in Cardiff, who commits these poor practices, to get your act together now, treat the public with respect, or suffer the consequences.”