Sustainable ceasefire letter - Gaza update to constituents

Dear Constituent, 

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the Israel-Gaza crisis. As always, I value your
engagement on this critical issue and share your desire for a peaceful resolution. I have
previously written a statement on this crisis which can be read here. The levels of death and
destruction over the past weeks has been intolerable. Many innocent Palestinians, including
women and children, have been killed as part of military operations. There must be full
accountability for all actions, and Labour has called for the International Criminal Court to
address the conduct of all parties in Gaza and Hamas’s attacks in Israel.

The recent cessation of hostilities, though too brief, offered a glimpse of hope. However, with
its end, we found ourselves once again witnessing an escalation of violence. The Labour
Party, along with international partners, is urging all parties not to squander the progress made
during this period. I want to see a sustainable ceasefire as quickly as possible. Hostilities must
end as quickly as possible with hostages released and more humanitarian aid into Gaza. 

As the situation unfolds, it is paramount that all sides adhere strictly to international
humanitarian law. The preservation of innocent lives and civilian infrastructure, such as
schools and hospitals, is not just a moral imperative but a legal one. The distressing levels of
death and destruction, particularly impacting Palestinian civilians, underline the urgent need
for full accountability and a reassessment of military operations.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, exacerbated by the onset of winter, demands immediate and
scaled-up aid. The people of Gaza require substantial assistance in terms of food, water, fuel,
shelter, and medical supplies. This aid is critical not only for immediate survival but also to
prevent further health crises. It's essential to address the rights of those displaced by the
conflict, ensuring their ability to return home and rebuild their lives. Gaza must not be
relegated to a permanent state of displacement and humanitarian need. The UK and our
international partners must work tirelessly to find a pathway to a sustainable ceasefire and a
lasting political solution, one that addresses the threat posed by Hamas, ends illegal
settlements and settler violence in the West Bank, and plans for the reconstruction and
renewal of Gaza.

Labour remains committed to a two-state solution, with a sovereign Palestinian state
alongside a safe and secure Israel. This is the only credible basis for long-term peace. We
recognise that this goal requires diligent and sustained diplomatic efforts. In these times the
voices from the extremes of both sides are often amplified, only prolonging and deepening the
violence. Recent events have shown that diplomacy can lead to positive outcomes.
Palestinians must be assured their future will not be like the past, and that they and their
children will be able to enjoy the security, opportunities and rights that we take for granted. 

I assure you that I am conveying your concerns directly in our frontbench discussions. We are
not in Government, but we stand firm in our call for a sustainable ceasefire as a necessary step
towards lasting peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians. Thank you once again
for your engagement on this important issue.

Yours sincerely


Kevin Brennan MP
Member of Parliament for Cardiff West