A jewell in Cardiff West's crown

THIS month there has been a good reason to celebrate Cardiff West as Riverside Farmer’s Market celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The market and has proved to be an important source of good fresh food for many people in Cardiff West and beyond.

I regularly use the market and have seen it grow into one of the best Farmer’s Markets in this country.

It has proved to be a great success not only commercially but also in terms of improving the health of local people.

I know the organisers of the market are very passionate about helping the public to eat more healthily and I think that’s very important.

By buying local organic food we are not only improving our health but also helping to boost the local economy and helping the environment.

When I can I always prefer to buy Welsh produce as not only will a proportion of the money go back to the local Welsh farmers but also because I firmly believe we produce some of the best produce in Great Britain .

It is also makes sense environmentally to buy local as you’re not paying for something that is shipped from miles away that could produce a large carbon footprint.

That is why Riverside Farmer’s Market is a great asset to Cardiff West and I hope it will continue to be a part of local people’s lives for many years to come.

It is also good to see so many people supporting local businesses despite the downturn with the market always bustling with people and acting as a great hub for the local community to meet and socialise.