Police Operation Red Mana to clamp down on illegal biking

Kevin Brennan MP is backing a South Wales Police campaign to clamp down on rogue off road bikers who are breaking the law by driving without lawful authority on common land, driving on pavements, driving dangerously or driving carelessly.

The campaign is called Operation Red Mana and Mr Brennan is urging members of the public to support the police campaign by reporting any incidents of illegal biking to allow the Police to collate information and evidence needed to prosecute and seize bikes .

"This kind of illegal biking can not only be a nuisance to local communities, it can also be very dangerous for both residents and the bike rider themselves," said Mr Brennan.

"The police need the public's help to identify the perpetrators to stop this from happening and prevent any accidents from happening."

If you see or think a bike or motorised vehicle is being used illegally - this is the kind of information that will be useful to police:

  • Hair Colour
  • Helmet
  • Clothing
  • Type of vehicle
  • Registration
  • Any other relevant information

You can report this to the Police's 101 non-emergency number or if you obtain any photos or video footage of the riders and or bikes you can email them to opredmana@southwales.pnn.police.uk.

This will allow the police to collate pictures of riders and vehicles and assist us in tackling this issue.