Mirror: Tory MP's crackdown on striking workers gets defeated

A Tory MP's "attack" on striking workers has been defeated at its very first hurdle in Parliament.

Chris Philp wanted to ban rail, NHS and other state workers from striking unless their actions were labelled "reasonable and proportionate" by a High Court judge.

His law would have also set out a "minimal required level of service to the public" during strikes.

But his backbench Bill was defeated today after just 20 minutes in Parliament thanks to an effort by Labour and SNP MPs.

Labour MP Kevin Brennan said: "It's an attack on a fundamental British liberty - the right to withdraw labour in a legal trade dispute with an employer.

"It's not as if we haven't already experienced a full-frontal attack on the rights of workers who are in dispute with their employer under this government already.

"Dogs bark, birds fly and Tories attack workers’ rights."

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