Why I will vote against a Tory/DUP Queen's Speech

Many people have contacted me about the potential of a deal between the Democratic Unionist Party and the Conservative Party.

I find such a deal deeply worrying. Firstly the British Government is committed within the Good Friday Agreement to being a neutral arbitrator and it is difficult to see how they can act in this way when they are doing a deal with the DUP. This is particularly difficult at a time when the Stormont Executive is not working and needs the British Government to negotiate a solution in good faith with all parties in Northern Ireland.

I also find some of the DUP’s views on gay marriage and abortion in particular to be completely against my values. I have consistently voted for more Marriage Equality and some of the comments that have been made by senior politicians within the DUP are alarming.

I believe for the wider country it is important that the Labour Party puts forward our own alternative agenda based on our manifesto, to show the country what a Labour Government can do if we are given the opportunity to serve.

I will therefore be voting against any Conservative Queen’s Speech, particularly one backed by the DUP.