Mirror: Poorer kids quit music and drama in greater numbers

Poorer children are quitting creative subjects between GCSE and A Level in greater numbers than peers from wealthier backgrounds, according to research by Labour.

Figures show that 9.8% of pupils eligible for free school meals studied music GCSE in 2016/17, compared with 6.6% of all children.

The party believes arts and culture in the UK could become “even posher” than they are now.

Shadow Culture Minister Kevin Brennan said: “These figures show that young people eligible for free school meals are drastically underrepresented in creative subjects at A Level, especially in music.

“If we continue along this path, working class kids on free school meals could be excluded from careers in the creative industries as they might not have the qualifications needed.

“With creative workers more resistant to redundancy through automation, working class kids could be left without the skills they need for well-paid and durable work in the future.”

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