UK government must outlaw controversial 'fire and rehire' tactics

Kevin Brennan MP is fully behind Unite's campaign to end 'fire and rehire' practices and joined a number of MPs in writing to the Prime Minister to take urgent action to outlaw the controversial tactic.

The TUC found that already one in 10 workers had been threatened with fire and rehire during the pandemic, with that number set to grow dramatically as furlough ends unless the law is changed.

In the letter, in which Mr Brennan was a co-signatory, it says:

“Fire and rehire is spreading through workplaces, with now an estimated one in ten UK workers undergoing a threat to their jobs.

But it is rarely, if ever, implemented as a response to business need. Indeed, one employer attempt­ing to force through cuts to terms and conditions has just recorded record profits.  

“One minister has described fire and rehire as ‘bully boy tactics'. Unless something is done urgently it will only accelerate further putting unnecessary stress and strain on families across the UK.  

“UK workers should have the same protections as workers in other countries. Fire and rehire is out­lawed in much of Europe and it should be no different here.”