Did the BBC Chair fail to answer an important question when applying for role?

Ministerial Appointments: Vetting and Managing Conflicts of Interest
23rd January 2023

Kevin Brennan Labour, Cardiff West
Actually, the Minister is making an interesting point. Before the candidate appeared before the Select Committee, he had to fill in a questionnaire and answer the question, “Do you currently or potentially have a business, financial or non-pecuniary interest or commitment that might give rise to the perception of a conflict of interest if you are appointed?” Does the Minister agree that helping to arrange an £800,000 loan for the person ultimately responsible for the appointment was something that should have been declared in response to that question?

Jeremy Quin The Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office
The hon. Gentleman is making a statement about helping to arrange a loan. I do not know the basis on which he makes that assertion, but I know that all matters to do with any conflicts of interest or perception of conflicts of interest will be looked at by the BBC under the process established by the chairman.