Protesting with Women Against State Pension Inequality in Cardiff

Mr Brennan recently joined Women Against State Pension Inequality's march to the Welsh Office in Cardiff to raise concerns that a number of women in Cardiff West are being treated unfairly by the UK Government's decision to increase women's pension age quicker than promised.

The 1995 Tory Government Pension Act first introduced plans to increase the age of retirement for women, but the current Tory Government has decided to implement this change quicker than 2011 Pension Act promised.

"The way the current Tory Government has introduced this far sooner than the 2011 Pension Act promised has been unfair and heartless," said Mr Brennan.

"It has meant many women have had no time to make alternative plans and their retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences.

"I have spoken to and received correspondence from a number of female constituents who are deeply upset and angry at the way this has been implemented.

"I was therefore happy to join this protest march and continue to campaign on their behalf for a fairer and less severe way of introducing this policy such as a 'bridging' pension to help those women effected until they reach 65."