The Bookseller: Kevin Brennan has called on minister to offer support to libraries

Shadow libraries minister Kevin Brennan, meanwhile, has called on the libraries minister to offer "urgent support" to the councils whose library services will be impacted by Carillion's collapse. He has also called for an investigation into the outsourcing of library services to other private companies.

"The collapse of Carillion has put countless jobs at risk across the country, including in the libraries sector", Brennan said. "Library services are crucial to our communities and hard-working staff deserve better."

He said that in 2016, over 400 libraries in England were commissioned libraries, meaning that they had been transferred to a separate trust or organisation, either a commercial or social enterprise. A number had been transferred to Carillion.

"I am calling on the Libraries Minister to work with ministerial colleagues across government to offer urgent support to local authorities whose library services are impacted by Carillion’s collapse," Brennan said. "He should also review how many commissioned library services have been outsourced to private commercial enterprises like Carillion and whether any are at risk.”

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